Holiday Travel Tips

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The holidays are approaching and it’s no secret that traveling during these peak times can be overwhelming. So here are a few tips to make your travels a little bit easier for you and your family.

  • You can start by using your smart phone to its fullest potential. Make it work for you, after all, it is a smart phone, right? There are free travel apps that you can download to check flight stats, real time updates on delays, baggage numbers and more. GateGuru is a free app that gives you security line times, where to get a decent meal, snacks or coffee. You can download boarding passes on your smartphone too, which is something we recommend doing. Another free app is TripIt; it’s a travel organizing app that automatically creates a master itinerary for every trip so you can access all your travel plans, anytime, on any device. It’s always a great idea to fully charge all electronic devices before you head out.
  • You must get to the airport early! Give yourself plenty of time for long lines and any unforeseen problems or delays that could cause you to miss your flight. You can check in online before you get to the airport to avoid lengthy check in lines. It is definitely worth it!
  • If you are traveling around Christmas time that means you might be thinking about bringing a gift. Don’t wrap your gift. Chances are security may have you unwrap the gift to inspect them. A gift bag maybe a better choice instead of wrapping paper.
  • Get assigned seating in advance. If you are traveling with family this will give you a better chance that you will be sitting together.
  • Don’t drive yourself. You don’t want to deal with the added stress of trying to find a parking spot in a very crowded parking lot. Have a friend drive, public transportation or treat yourself and take a limo.
  • Bring snacks or eat before you get to the airport. We like to do both.  We like to pass the time with handful of popcorn or a granola bar.
  • Bring a neck pillow, maybe some earplugs or headphones so you can relax away the stress during the hectic holiday season.

Safe Travels!

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