Wine, Bank or Other Travel Clubs Pay Dividends after the Trip

As travel has become a popular client-relationship tool, now is the time to start or upgrade your bank's travel club. Bank group travel programs foster the perception of stability, and having a well-executed travel club that adds value to your customers' lives will enhance your bank's image.

In today's world of impersonal online and mobile banking, a bank travel club brings the personal touch of the local bank to your clients. Developing a bank group travel club may be one of the smartest and most profitable business decisions your bank could make.

Benefits of Establishing a Travel Club

  • Attract new customers while retaining current customers who view the club as a rewarding additional service provided by your business.
  • Foster community goodwill.
  • Create and maintain customer loyalty as clients continue traveling with you.
  • Generate leads from existing travel club members and by advertising the travel club on your web site.
  • Create income through new memberships and sales.
  • Cross-sell other services or products.
  • Travel with your customers and get to know them, increasing customer loyalty and referrals.
  • Boost employee morale by rewarding employees with travel.

Group Travel Club Perks and Bonuses Add Value

You may want to add extra-special perks for travel club members. Value-added bonus services are an effective strategy to boost member rolls and customer loyalty, which translates to higher bank profitability.

Popular group travel club features might include...

  • Frequent flyer miles and hotel discounts.
  • VIP status with Carol's Travel Service for individual travel needs.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Discounts on required vaccinations for travel.
  • Special member-only events such as wine tastings, financial planning seminars, etc.
  • Travel magazine subscription (or free Carol’s Travel Service Travel Magazines).
  • Discounts from partner businesses, such as floral services, spas, and auto detailers.

Group Travel Club Membership

Travel clubs use a variety of membership structures, and you can reach a broad market by generalizing your membership approach. Some businesses open their travel clubs to all, believing positive word of mouth will bring them new clients and travel club members. Offering several types of group travel will help you target a variety of markets and attract new members.

Examples of market segments are...

  • Specific age groups, such as baby boomers, seniors, millenials.
  • Men or women only.
  • Singles or couples only.
  • Families with young children.
  • Your best customers
  • Corporate accounts.
  • New business prospects.

To increase club visibility and membership, you need a policy for nonmember travel with your travel club. This policy may have restrictions-for example, a traveler who is not a current customer may travel once with the club but then must join the club (become a customer/club member) to travel again.

Travel club programs grow your customer base, enhance your image, and increase your exposure and profitability. For more information on how to get started, Contact Carol's Travel Service today.

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