Escorted Tours

Carol’s Travel Service offers a wide variety of escorted group tours to worldwide destinations such as Africa, Australia & New Zealand, Asia & South America.

An escorted tour is a very popular way to visit European countries such as Italy, France, Greece, England, and Germany – in fact you can visit almost every European country on an escorted tour. In the USA, National Parks and Fall Foliage escorted tours are well liked along with other popular regions such as the Southwest and in Canada, the Canadian Rockies and train tours are often the choice.

It will help for you to understand the difference in touring styles and terms. A vacation “package” consists of components put together or packaged for the convenience of a traveler. A package often offers rates which are less expensive than buying airfare, hotel, and car rental or transfers separately. A good example of a tour package is one that includes airfare, an all-inclusive hotel, and airport/hotel transfers. A customized or independent tour is a program that is designed especially to meet your vacation dream. You select the destinations, sites and hotels that interest you and travel at the pace you choose. You are not with a group and you do not have a guide that is with you through every part of your trip. This is also known as an FIT or Flexible Independent Travel tour or package.

Escorted travel, or guided tours, can be the perfect choice for many travelers. Here you travel with a group on an itinerary that has been pre-planned. Your days are laid out for you with pre-determined sightseeing tours which usually hit the most well known sites of the region although some escorted trips will take you off the beaten path or may have a theme to them. Many meals and all your transportation are included in your tour. Air from your home city can be added into the tour package or handled separately.

An important benefit of an escorted or guided tour is the tour guide that stays with your group 24/7. A tour guide can offer you in-depth information and history on certain sites, speaks the local language, and keeps the tour on time and all group members well informed. A guide can take the stress out of traveling as they handle the responsibility of making sure everything is in good order along the way. Escorted travel also offers a favorable social aspect. As all members of the tour group are experiencing the same destination and sites a sense of camaraderie develops as well as new friendships.

When choosing an escorted tour that is best for you check out the amount of busy time versus free time. Some tours are faster paced and offer less free time than others. Some will be designed as an easy pace tour including important sites but leaving you more free time. Your tour guide will be able to offer suggestions on what to do in your free time whether you want to be on your own for a bit or join in an optional group tour. Escorted tours may concentrate on one country or may offer multiple countries within their itinerary.

Whether you want to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Roman Coliseum, castles in Germany – or join an African Safari, view the wildlife in the Galapagos, or visit Machu Picchu – an escorted tour might be the perfect option for you to have a stress free adventure and trip of a lifetime!

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