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When you travel, whether for business or pleasure, you want the best rate possible, accommodations that suit your needs, and seamless air and land transportation.

While discount travel websites promise low rates and fees, we not only find you the best deal on the travel package that suits your travel needs, but we will also take care of any problems that arise during your trip. This is the Carol's Travel Agent Advantage.

Discount dot-com travel websites, while popular, can be problematic for several reasons:

  • It takes time and patience to research and read the fine print on fare restrictions.
  • Some discount sites require a credit card number before seeing your flight schedule.
  • If something unexpected happens on your trip—no matter where you are in the world—it's up to you to fix it.

Carol's Travel Service will exceed your expectations by providing you far better information and far superior service than any discount dot-com travel site can—and for a very reasonable fee. Our travel agents hold the highest accreditations available in the travel industry today, including Certified Travel Counselor and Master Cruise Counselor. In addition, our travel agents continually attend training sessions and educational seminars, and many have earned destination and product specialist titles.

The benefits of using Carol's Travel Service are many:

  • A Carol's Travel agent saves you time, energy, and headaches by doing the research and comparison shopping for you.
  • Our travel professionals stay abreast of current and timely promotions and analyze them to find the perfect value for you—cheapest does not always equal best.
  • Your Carol's Travel agent gets to know you and meticulously plans every detail of your trip according to your likes, dislikes, and personal requests.
  • As an expert in the areas you're visiting, your agent prepares you with vital information, such as passport and visa requirements, packing tips, and destination guides. Nothing is left to chance.
  • Carol's Travel Service offers one-stop shopping with immediate reservations for air, rental cars, hotels, cruise accommodations, and tour packages.
  • Your agent knows your itinerary and helps with any difficult situation. In case something goes wrong, you have someone to handle the problem.

If you're spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on pleasure or business travel, plus a good chunk of your valuable time, it makes perfect sense to work with a travel professional.

When you book your travel with us, the Carol's Travel Agent Advantage goes to work for you immediately.

Remember, without Carol's Travel, you're on your own.

Plan your next trip with Carol's Travel Service today!

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